The medical system is broken and needs to be rethought and redesigned. Thousands of patients and physicians across the world are faced with basically the same problems every day. At MESI we are developing a smarter approach.

Users can make a basic diagnosis at home

Medical Grade Wristband

Monitors vital signs constantly.

A Typical Use Case

When the user is having a cold, he simply follows a diagnostics process using the app. He answers an in-app questionnaire and in some cases, performs measurements. In case it is just a cold, the user will know drinking tea is a good enough cure and will stay at home. A visit to the doctor is not necessary. He will use his time in bed and will get better without seeing a physician, thus saving time and energy. The user will be able to timely order the necessary medicines on the Canadian pharmacies online and immediately begin treatment.

Medical Grade Wristband

Smartphone App

The app combines medical results from the wristband, modules and in-app questionnaire, provides feedback and shares information with the physician.

In-depth Modules

Modules enable several medical grade measurements and completes the diagnostics.

Long queues at the physician cause irritation, wasted time and energy.

Long queues at the physician cause irritation, wasted time and energy.


Constant monitoring ensures quality information for the physician

The patient is trying to explain his health condition and reactions after the therapy, but is unable to articulate it. Using our devices, he can follow all physician's instructions to measure his blood pressure two times per day and follow the prescribed therapy. All is monitored by our devices and all information are immediately sent to the physician. So, next time he visits the physician, he does not need to explain it deeply, as the physician already knows about his condition.

The patient cannot articulate his pain or health problem precisely enough. He feels desperate.

 He feels desperate.


Better diagnosis, adequate therapy, better results

Using the MESI system, both the patient and the physician are provided with a much needed support during the diagnostics procedure. The patient uses a simple, user-friendly tool for constant vital signs monitoring, in-app questionnaire and in-depth modules that enable a precise articulation of his health problem. On the other hand, the physician has objective information about the patient?s condition and can prescribe more adequate therapy. The result is considerable savings in time, energy and medical costs.

The physician is forced to rely on inaccurate and insufficient information, biased measurements on the spot and is basically left to decide using his best judgment.

There's a big risk he will prescribe a wrong therapy.

Our system

Medical Grade Wristband

Medical Grade Wristband

The Medical Grade Wristband constantly monitors vital signs such as heart rate, temperature and blood oxygenation. It includes monitoring of individuals activity, medication reminders and a smart wake-up alarm.

Mesi Smartphone App

Smartphone App

The smartphone app collects results from the wristband and guides the user to perform the diagnosis at home.

Mesi In-depth modules

In-depth Modules

In-depth modules supplement the app with objective results and identifies the condition precisely.

Sneak peek

Watch the video and discover how you will able to diagnose major conditions reliably yourself, using our system.


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